Hello, I suppose that if you are reading this that you are considering Tilos for your holiday destination or that you have already booked? Tilos is a special island with magical qualities – it has something that makes people return again, again and again! Tilos has everything for a wonderful memorable holiday no matter what the time of year for your visit.

Are you, like us are fascinated in Tilos, her scenery, her traditions and culture and her citizens? You can of course explore the island by yourself but why don’t you let us show you some of the hidden secrets of Tilos? There is more to Tilos than just Livadia!
But first let me introduce myself.
My name is Charlie Graham and I may be your guide should you decide to accompany us on one of our tours.
My wife Karen and I live in Livadia with our inside cat Psaroula. [We also have two resident outside cats, Splodge and Korrie plus several breakfast visitors.]
We have lived here for over eight years after we discovered Tilos as a holiday destination with the now defunct British holiday company – Laskarina. We then visited here several times every year until we made the decision to have a house built and to live here permanently.
I have always been interested in history and since coming to live here, that of Greece but especially Tilos and the surrounding areas. My initial interest was with the small churches that are to be found all over the island and the recycled ancient stones being used in their construction. What stories they could tell?
With friends, I have walked to all parts of the island seeking another church and discovering many old buildings and artefacts. From this first beginning my interests have diversified to include everything that I observe on my walks. Extensive research follows new finds and this is documented.
So why not spend some time with us and let us share our local knowledge with you?