Our location

Hotel ApolloStudios is located in a beautiful village of Tilos island called Livadia. The village of Livadia quietly hugs the shore next to the port at the foot of the mountains that shelter Livadia Bay. The location of ApolloStudios is closed not only to the harbor and marvelous beach of Livadia, but also to the local taverns, restaurants, café, snacks, shops, mini-markets, souvenirs, bakery, rent cars – motors. Everything is closed to our accommodations, what makes our clients’ stay in ApolloStudios  relaxing, comfortable and unforgettable. Our studios – apartments are situated in Livadia, 50 meters from the harbor and 50 meters from the beach.

Tilos Island. Tilos is one of the Dodecanese group of islands. It lies roughly mid-point in the beautiful Aegean Sea between the islands of Rhodes and Kos. The island exudes tranquillity and stunning scenery that changes with the seasons and the light.On the seaward side the rugged mountains drop perilously into the inviting blue iridescent waters and on the landward the ancient terracing follows the contours of the rocky slopes as it descends towards the single road that roughly dissects the island. The road travels from the main port of Livadia passing the capital Megalo Xorio then journeying to the sandy beach at Eristos or the picturesque fishing harbour at Agios Adonis.Small white churches are perceptible on the lower hillside slopes while dominating mountain ridges are ruined castles a memory of bye-gone days. Everywhere the smell of wild herbs and flora naturally assault the senses while visible on the sun kissed slopes wild goats forage for food and in the magenta-blue heat hazed skies above birds catch thermals as they appear to soar effortlessly ever higher.
This is our Tilos……….. Come and explore with us…….

How to reach Tilos?

Our local ferry “Sea Star”, one of the fastest speed boats on the Mediterranean sea, can bring You from Rhodes to Tilos in about 1 hour. Other ferries such as “Blue Star Ferries” or “Dodekanisos Seaways” will make this trip in 2 hours. If You arrive in the airport of Kos You can reach Tilos with “Blue Star Ferries” or “Dodekanisos Seaways”. If Your flight is to Athens, You can reach Tilos from the capital with “Blue Star Ferries”. This trip will take much more time than the trip from Rhodes till Tilos.
The ferry schedules. You can easy find on our website or on Tilos